Sebastian Stan by Nino Muñoz for OUT Magazine

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"I felt like I was singing my entire life." —Hugh Jackman

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haha are you kidding me


Look at Bucky turn around, grin ready on his face, Steve look at the flying car, just bonkers, ain’t it? But no, Steve’s not there.

Immediately, his expression drops. This guy’s on a date, and his best friend steps away from his side for one whole minute and Bucky’s face is all suddenly WORRY and DREAD.

Where’d Steve get himself off to now??

Oh shit, what if he inhales some pollen and dies?????

What if he finds some stairs and falls down them????


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getting online after a long week

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Antonjolras does not approve of Robius’ bananapartist ways!

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Anonymous questioned: Can you explain why you love Liberty so much? :)


of course :)

liberty is just wonderful in general she’s so driven and motivated and works so hard for the things she wants!! so much that she has 0 friends bc everyone thinks she’s boring when she’s really not. she has so much depth to her. she has a little brother who is basically allowed to do whatever he wants while she is pushed to the limit by her parents who don’t seem to care whether she has friends or not because they think she’s too good for everyone. not to mention the bullshit she has to put up with at school. emma is constantly downgrading her and making her feel like less than she is. like remember how she didn’t want liberty to go out with chris because liberty is way too big of a loser to date her ex? or the time that she told the entire school that liberty was sleeping with a teacher? the only person even remotely nice to her in the first few seasons is manny, and that’s only occasionally. and liberty is still pleasant to everyone, and when she isn’t, it’s only because of her drive to succeed at everything she does because school is the only thing she feels she’s good at. when she feels threatened, she immeaditley becomes cold and rude. moving on to jt, i think it’s totally important to understand that liberty loved jt more than anything and she would’ve given him the world if she could. she’s serious almost all the time and jt is the only person who can make her laugh or smile just by doing something silly. and he ignores her, he treats her like garbage. and after four years of being ignored and telling her that she isn’t good enough for him, he decides, you know what, i’m horny, liberty will do anything for me let’s go. so they get together and yeah it’s super cute and liberty was so happy omg baby and then it was like omg baby. liberty was pregnant. and jt dumps her. yeah, he promises to stick around but he dumps her because liberty was being who she was: serious and bossy. she’s self concious and she needs to be in control at all times. so eventually, jt starts being really sweet to her for the first time ever and he promises to get a job so he can buy them an apartment and they can raise their baby together. liberty was so happy it was so wonderful it was the first time anyone was ever nice to her and then … they tell her parents. who scream at her and tell her that they’ll help her if she never sees jt again and if she disagrees, they’re kicking her out. they would actually go as far as to not have their daughter ‘ruin the family name’ as to kick her out. fuck them. distressed and unable to leave the only happiness in her life, liberty chooses jt. who is selling drugs behind her back and later attempts suicide. liberty is forced to realize that she’s only fifteen and can’t raise a baby and obviously, neither can jt, and she breaks up with him and decides to give their baby up. she spends the last months of her pregnancy alone and heartbroken, due to jt being in all types of therapy. her only company is toby, and that’s only because jt is making him watch out for her and the baby. and then liberty has to give her son up and she won’t even cry because she’s been taught to be strong and serious. but eventually, she starts to suffer from post pardum depression and fails a test worth nearly her half her grade. instead of asking what’s wrong, her parents scream at her for being so ‘careless’ and she turns to alcohol to drown her sorrows, only to learn her baby’s new family are moving to seattle. anyway moving on, being the strong ass bitch she is, liberty decides to move on from her past and become a new person. but then jt starts flirting with mia and y’know, she’s loved jt since what, seventh grade so six years now. is she not supposed to be jealous? and then she has a kid and jt loves her daughter too. imagine how liberty felt about this. she must’ve felt like jt was only being sweet to her before because he desperately wanted a child, he didn’t care about her. so she becomes cruel and bitter towards the both of them, until the next episode where she tells jt that she loves him. and of course, he rejects her and tells her he loves mia, who he’s been dating for maybe a month even though he and liberty have had this thing for six years and he never told her once. so after six years, liberty’s FINALLY like “fuck you i’m so done with this” and leaves. and her telling jt off is the last thing she ever says to him. she’s the one that finds him dying, she’s the one that has blood all over him, she had to hold him while he died in her arms. and then on top of all of that, mia acts like she’s entitled to jt’s things, like liberty meant nothing to him. and in a fit of dispair, she kisses toby, who as always been nice to her and treated her well. but he isn’t now, because he knows that jt finally admitted that he had always loved her, which is something that she OBVIOUSLY needed to hear. but he doesn’t tell her, he tells mia and liberty overhears. (can we also just talk about how liberty later becomes friends with mia and tosses all of this aside because fuck boys? role model tbh) and for the first time ever she cries because all she ever wanted was jt and he was the only one for her and she loved him more than anything. and now not only is her baby gone, but so is his father. she’s all alone. so yeah anyway, season seven liberty becomes even more of a queen by refusing to fight violence with violence. even though she hates lakehurst and how one of their own killed jt, she won’t start a war with them because it’s just going to end with someone else getting hurt. but in the most badass moment ever, some asshole says that jt deserved to get stabbed and liberty goes apeshit and beats the crap out of him. spinner has to literally pull her off of him to get her to stop. jt wouldn’t defend liberty if you paid him, but she will always protect him and is memory. <3333. ugh and then remember the time she joined purple dragon to protest sexism? queen. and then fucking damian gets involved with her. liberty’s literal dream was to be valedictorian and damian was in school like half of a year and they have to run against each other for the position? ha ha bullshit but liberty makes a sassy tape talking about why damian sucks and so does lakehurst and it’s like fuck yeah but then damian compliments her in his video and she distracts the class from not seeing hers. and she apologizes to damian, even though she won!!!!!!!!! LIBERTY HAS NEVER WON ANY ELECTION BEFORE PROBABLY PEOPLE LIKE HER PEOPLE WANT HER TO REPRESENT MY PRINCESS SHE’S GROWN SO MUCH. ugh and then she starts liking damian even though he’s dating emma. oh and liberty has friends now!! she’s part of the toby/emma/manny group and they all are so nice to her in this episode :’) but liberty is still lonely because she misses jt and she wishes he could love her but he can’t so she makes out with damian and tries to sleep with him, but doesn’t because he says no. but eventually the whole thing comes out and everyone is angry with liberty and it’s so sad bc baby and she tells damian to fuck off and that he’s ruining everything and she makes her valdictorian speech with pride and grace but starts crying when she talks about jt. AND THE HIGHLIGHT OF DEGRASSI’S HISTORY, TOBY EMMA AND MANNY COME OUT TO SEE HER AND TELL HER THEY LOVE HER AND SHE NEEDS A BREAK FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE AND THAT THEY FORGIVE HER FOR DAMIAN AND UNDERSTAND NOW THAT SHE JUST MISSED JT AND LIBERTY HAS FRIENDS THIS IS ALL SHE EVER WANTED JT DID GIVE HER ONE THING HE GAVE HER FRIENDS WHO LOVE HER I’M HONESTLY CRYING BABY. and then yeah college w/e she doesn’t do much bc they like never showed them there but she tried to get into her mom’s sorority (probably to gain ‘family honor’ back :( ) and a better sorority wants her. and she does everything possible to get in, partying, drinking, streaking across campus. and all because they wanted a token black girl, not her. and liberty’s like fuck this bye.

that’s basically her ending and it sucks because she deserved a happy ending more than anyone but yeah anyway i love liberty because she is brave and loving and kind and accepts her past but moves on and she is such a queen and role model <3333

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Patrick Stump being adorable (X)

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